Finding the right place to start your STR business in the Poconos.

The Poconos have been a popular vacation destination for generations.  Vacation communities continue to be built for second homes and investment properties and the practice of renting them for short periods is as old as the manmade lakes which were built around.  The rental business has surged in recent years with the rise of booking platforms like VRBO and Airbnb which have put additional properties into the rental market and brought younger owners and investors to the area.  The influx of this new version of the old rental model has spurred a round of rules and regulations which at the core are designed to help maintain a quality-of-life balance between permanent residents, vacation homeowners, and their guests/renters.  

Finding the right place to start your STR business can seem overwhelming.  Clients ask me for recommendations which is why I created a list of short term rental friendly communities in the Poconos.  There are 30 planned communities on that list, and even in today’s tight market there are at least 50 properties for sale at any given time.  In a more balanced market, there should be 200 or so properties for sale.  Some of my clients all have their own preferences for home styles, layout, proximity to their favorite things, but many don’t.  They want a nice place that will be a successful STR business venture and therein lies on of the biggest challenges, do you focus on the individual house, or the community?

The choices can be overwhelming, especially if you are not from the area.  Communities, like neighborhoods in cities, have a reputation based on the size and quality of homes as well as the amenities that the community offers.  With HOA/POAs the amenities become something that may affect your marketing and your average room rates.  Communities that have higher HOA fees will likely have nicer and more abundant amenities or have extra services like lawn care.  My professional licensing states that I cannot go further in labeling communities, but you might want to start forming your own opinions as to the type of community you want to invest in.  It may help you narrow your search.

As a starting point, here are some HOA communities that seem to have STR friendly policies and that have a lake:

Arrowhead Lake
Bear Creek Lake
Big Bass Lake
Brier Crest Woods
Emerald Lakes
Indian Mountain Lake
Locust Lake Village
Penn Estates
Pinecrest Lake and Country Club
Pocono Country Place
Pocono Farms
Stillwater Estates
Stillwater Lake Civic Association
Towamensing Trails

In addition, each community has a different policy when it comes to registering renters.  Everyone does it a little differently, some will have gate passes or wristbands or parking permits, others won’t.  Links to most of the association websites and STR-friendliness indicators can be found on my STR-friendly Pocono Communities  I suggest you get a bit more familiar with the communities, their amenities and their policies as the next step in your search for a vacation home/investment property.  See homes for sale in my STR Hot List or if you would like your own custom search, give me a call and I can set-up an advanced search in my MLS system.

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I believe helping you find a home is all about the fit, finding a home that fits your needs today, and sets you up for the future. I walk my customers through the many steps needed to find the right fit for a property that they can use as an investment, a vacation home or as their primary residence. I found my way to the Poconos looking for the perfect vacation home. I purchased a nice sized tract of land near Blue Mountain Ski Resort, where I built a home and continue to develop the land. I think of the area as both a great place to live and a great place to vacation. My vacation home has been successfully running as a short-term rental for a number of years and I have turned that experience into my real estate specialty, helping people buy vacation homes they can run as a short-term rental.

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