Join the Effort to Build a Better Vacation Rental Industry in the Poconos

Short-term Vacation Rentals Matter in the Poconos

For as long as there have been vacation homes in the Poconos, there have been vacation rentals and the vacation rental business is a big part of the ongoing prosperity of the region. With the rise of AirBNB, VRBO and other Online Travel Agencies, the visibility of the Poconos has grown beyond visitors and tourists, it has drawn the attention of people interested in buying successful investment properties.

Many of the investors that we see are most often successful, young individuals, not big corporations and these individuals have tied a good portion of their life savings into these investments. I have helped bring dozens of these buyers into the area and many are now up and running with their rental businesses (Pocono Vacation Home Sales Hall of Fame page). They invest in rehabbing their properties, they encourage their communities to upgrade facilities, and they promote the region as a destination to bring in rentals. They bring guest fees into local HOAs and they bring a significant amount of tax revenue through the hotel tax and spending with local merchants. Successful operators reinvest in the community by hiring local cleaners, property managers and service providers and bring a host of entrepreneurial activity and optimism to the region.

To help these small businesses, I have joined a group that has created a trade association with a goal of being the voice for the vacation home and short-term rental industry in the Poconos. The Poconos Association of Vacation Rental Owners (PoconosVRO) has a mission to represent and advance the interests of vacation rental owners in the Poconos and advocate for practical short-term rental regulation; while providing members with the educational, networking, and resources they need to run responsible and profitable businesses.

We value a thriving vacation home rental industry in the Poconos that strengthens the regional economy and maintains the character of vacation home communities and nearby neighborhoods. PoconosVRO Members are committed to operating quality STR’s, we believe in being good neighbors. We believe in providing homes that are managed, maintained, and appropriately used in a manner that adds to the value and vitality of our beautiful Pocono Mountains and continues to be a major draw for visitors and the tourism industry. Read the official press release announcing the formation of The Poconos Association of Vacation Rental Owners, from the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau.

Membership in PoconosVRO is a commitment to Quality and Professional Operations. Members of Poconos Association of Vacation Rental Owners take a pledge to be responsible owners and recognize that licensing and regulation are needed to maintain the good reputation of vacation rentals in the Poconos. Poconos VRO has published a Vacation Rental Guide listing the properties of members who have taken a pledge to rent responsibly.

Regulation helps set standard operating procedures and levels the playing field for us all. Licensing can keep out bad operators and assure the quality of the rentals for future guests. We support both, as long as they are applied justly and uniformly. Good guests are good for business and the members of our association strive to operate under professional standards. The draw of bringing families and friends together in a vacation home is one of the area’s biggest tourist attractions and the Poconos Association of VRO pledges to be the voice for the vacation home and short-term rental industry in the Poconos. See the guide to Quality Pocono Vacation Rentals, committed to renting responsibly.

The Poconos Association of Vacation Rental Owners is seeking Charter Member to build a better rental industry. Vacation rental owners can visit the member website and register. Once logged in, rental owners can complete a profile and can become a voting member of our trade association. Charter Member is $150 which we will use to build our not-for-profit trade association. Others who are interested in supporting our efforts can donate their time through one of our committees or money as a donation through the website.

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