Pocono Vacation Home Sales and Properties for Short-term Rental

The Poconos and Carbon County, Pennsylvania

A nice place for a vacation home that can operate as a Short-term Rental

Hello, my name is Mark Shay and I am a realtor with Keller Williams and a Zillow Premier Agent. I specialize in being a buyers agent for people looking for vacation homes in the Pocono Mountains area of Pennsylvania. Many of my clients are looking to use their vacation home as a rental property which is why created this website. Here you’ll find more info on purchasing a vacation home and potentially starting a short-term rental business in your vacation home.

I got into the vacation home business a little differently than most. After selling two internet marketing companies, I purchased a 47-acre tract of land near Blue Mountain Ski Resort where I built a home.  For a number of years I have run a private campsite on the property and welcome families to share our place for their mountain vacation in what we call Blue Mountain Private Camping. Along with my wife, we then converted our vacation home to a vacation rental property and list it through VRBO as Blue Mountain Vacation Home

I hope you’ll read this blog to give you some insight on what it takes to succeed in starting a Short-term Rental business in the mountains. Wether you are coming from New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia or Washington, DC, coming to the Poconos is a great place to escape.  Property prices are a fraction of what they are in metro areas and there are some great communities for you to consider. There are also large tracts of land for sale to develop or to hold.

As a Realtor, I welcome you to consider a move to the Poconos and would welcome the opportunity to act as your buyer’s agent. As an entrepreneur, I can help you follow my path of investing in Pocono Vacation Home Real Estate for vacation home renters and even campers.

Mark Shay, Realtor

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