STR Scorecard: Municipal Rules on Short-term Rentals in the Poconos

Zoning, Rules and Regulations regarding Short-term Rentals, VRBO and AirBnB are changing in the Poconos, here is a scorecard of municipalities and what they say about running a short-term rental from your vacation home or income property.

Last Updated: November, 2022

Vacation rentals and visitors on short-term stays can bring vitality to local communities. Guest’s money goes to restaurants, shops and activities and that brings revenue and jobs to the local community. The visitors also support our communities through tax revenue such as sales tax, the hotel and hospitality tax and the income tax from hospitality workers. Short-term renal owners typically keep their properties in good shape in order to sustain their business. Short-term or vacation rentals are less than 29 days in length by most laws.

Vacation rentals can also be a nuisance as people on vacation can be boisterous and celebratory, awake at odd hours. Some municipalities (especially in the Poconos) have a long and rich tradition of supporting visitors and the associated hospitality industry, and for other municipalities, this is something new. With the rise of VRBO/Expedia and AirBnB, more people have been drawn to the potential income that vacation rentals bring and that has prompted a tighter regulatory environment.

Municipalities governments in Pennsylvania come in the form of cities, townships and boroughs. Each municipality has their own zoning and land use regulations and while some are fairly standard, the use of a residential home for short-term rentals is not. A 2019 court case decided by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court called Slice of Life, et al v. Hamilton Twp ZHB set forth the current surge in municipal regulation of short-term rentals.

Below is a list of municipalities in the Pocono Mountains and neighboring areas with an estimate as to their current position regarding the use of vacation rentals from individual homes. This is done by my ongoing survey of the market, discussions with municipal officials and website review, BUT it is by no ways official. For detailed information, please contact the municipality itself to explore both zoning requirements and any applicable Short-term Rental Ordinances.

In addition to the Municipal rules and regulations, one should check with the various planned communities with their POA/HOA charters. See the list of Short-term Rental Friendly Pocono Communities for some insight.

Below you will find a red, yellow or green light as to my opinion as to the municipality’s short-term rental friendliness.

  • Green = Short-term rental of single family homes is approved with clear rules and regulations and allowed throughout the municipality.  Restrictions likely apply and you should be well aware of the rules and regulations.
  • Yellow = Short-term rental of single family homes has significant restrictions, is not yet regulated, or may be allowed informally in some zoning areas, with various restrictive clauses.  It is quite possible that regulations are coming soon.
  • Red = Short-term rentals are not permitted in the municipality, code enforcement is active.

ALBRIGHTSVILLE, PA 18210 is a post office designation and census-designated place, not a municipality. Municipalities served by the Albrightsville Post Office and zip code = 18210 include: Penn Forest Township, Kidder Township, Tunkhannock Township

BANKS TOWNSHIP (Treskow, PA 18254)
Telephone #: (570) 454-8291
Short term rentals are permitted use within any single family dwelling in all zoning districts in Banks Township.

BARRETT TOWNSHIP (Monroe County, including Cresco, Mountainhome, Canadensis, Skytop, Buck Hill Falls)
Short-term rentals in Barrett Township require a permit.

BARTONSVILLE, PA 18321 is a post office designation, not a municipality.  Municipalities served by the Bartonsville Post Office Zip Code = 18321 include parts of Pocono Township, Hamilton Township, Jackson Township and Stroud Township.

BEAVER MEADOWS BOROUGH (Beaver Meadows, PA 18216)
Telephone #: (570) 455-7841
No rules or regulations affecting Short-Term Rentals in Beaver Meadows Borough have been published.

BLAKESLEE, PA 18610 is a post office designation, not a municipality.  Much of Tobyhanna Township is served by the Blakeslee Post Office Zip Code = 18610.

BOWMANSTOWN BOROUGH (Bowmanstown, PA 18030)
Telephone #: (610) 852-2455
A permit is required. Rental length is not a factor for owners as long as it is rented to a single family. A short-term rental to a non-family group is treated as a hotel.

BROADHEADSVILLE, PA 18322 is a post office designation and a census-designated place, not a municipality.  Municipalities served by the Broadheadsville Post Office Zip Code = 18322 include, Polk Township and Chestnuthill Township.

BUCK TOWNSHIP (Luzerne County)  
Buck Township is just north of the Jack Frost Ski Resort.  Much of the township consists of state gamelands.  No rules or regulations affecting Short-Term Rentals in Buck Township have been published.

BUSHKILL TOWNSHIP (Northampton County)
phone: 610-759-1250
No rules or regulations affecting Short-Term Rentals in Bushkill Township, Northampton County have been published.

BUSHKILL PA 18324 Bushkill (home of Bushkill Falls) with zip code 18324 is a post office designation, not a municipality.  The Buskill post office Zip Code = 18324 serves Lehman Township in Pike County.  Lehman Township has ceased issuing new STR licenses, but old licenses can be transferred with an agreement of sale.

CANADENSIS PA 18325 Canadensis is a post office designation, not a municipality.  The Canadensis Post Office Zip Code = 18325 serves mostly Barrett Township including Skytop Lodge in Monroe County. 

Short-term rentals are only allowed in properties located in a general commercial zoning area.  Permits are required and there are restrictions as outlined in the Short-term Rental Ordinance.

CLIFTON TOWNSHIP (Lackawana County)
No rules or regulations affecting Short-Term Rentals in Clifton Township in the Northern Poconos have been published.

Coolbaugh Township is a popular STR location as the township allows for Short-term rentals in residential zoning areas with necessary permits and inspections.   There are more than 800 Short-term Rental Licenses issued in the township.  STR is not allowed in Commercial or Industrial zoned areas.  Arrowhead Lake, Pocono Lake and other communities indicate that the practice is allowed, see Coolbaugh Township’s Short-term Rental Rules for more details. 

COVINGTON TOWNSHIP (Lackawanna County)
 In May 2021 Covington Township approved an ordinance regulating Short-term Rentals.  A permit is required and certain restrictions are defined.  You can read the Short-Term Rental Ordinance for more details.  Exempted is the large vacation community of Big Bass Lake. 

CRESCO, PA  18326
Cresco is a post office designation Zip Code = 18326 mostly in Barrett Township, Monroe County  Short-term rentals in Barrett Township require a permit.

DELAWARE TOWNSHIP (Dingman’s Ferry, Pike County)
Delaware Township in Pike County has just passed a STR ordinance which allows STR ONLY in Rural Residential Zoning areas.  Contact the township for more details on possible licensing requirements.  

The borough of Delaware Water Gap requires rental properties be registered, but no specific regulations are published regarding Short-term Rentals

DINGMAN TOWNSHIP (Milford, Pike County, PA)
Dingman Township regulates short-term rentals.  The use requires a permit and may only be done in certain zoning districts.  Short-term rentals are NOT permitted in Gold Key, Sunrise, Conashaugh, Lake Adventure, Woodlands, Water Forest and other larger subdivisions.

Zoning Office: 570-386-5735
No rules or regulations affecting Short-Term Rentals in East Penn Township have been published.

EAST SIDE BOROUGH (White Haven, Pa 18661)
No rules or regulations affecting Short-Term Rentals in East Side Borough have been published. Population = 317 people.

EAST STROUDSBURG BOROUGH (Monroe County)  Phone: (570) 421-8300
  The Borough of East Stroudsburg enacted a short term rental ordinance in 2021.  The ordinance requires licensing and a list of requirements including the use of a private trash hauler.  Zoning regulations limit the licenses to Commercial and Industrial areas, properties in residential areas will need a variance.  Details can be found in the East Stroudsburg STR Ordinance.

EAST STROUDSBURG ZIP CODES also cover a number of neighbor townships:
18301 = Borough East Stroudburg, Stroud Township
18302 = Middle Smithfield Township, Price Township, Smithfield Township

EFFORT, PA  18330 Effort is a post office designation and a census-designated place, not a municipality.  Municipalities served by the Effort Post Office Zip Code = 18330 include parts of Chestnuthill and Tunkhannock Townships in Monroe County. 

ELDRED TOWNSHIP (Kunkletown, Saylorsburg, Monroe County)
Short-term rentals are regulated in Eldred Township.  A 2020 short-term rental ordinance specifies that vacation rentals cannot be located in the residential district or the industrial zoning district. Short-term rentals can be located in the following zoning districts:  rural resource, agricultural/residential or a commercial.  A Conditional Use Exception is required and requires a review by both the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors and are approved or denied on a case-by-case basis.  Eldred Township’s Short-term rental rules were approved in 2020.

FOSTER TOWNSHIP (White Haven and Freeland, Luzerne County, PA)
  Foster Township enacted an ordinance in 2016 that prohibits STR in the R-1 and R-1A Zoning District.  A recent initiative to license STR in Foster Township has been tabled, so at the present time, there is no licensed required to operate a STR in Zoning Districts designated R-2, A-1, C-1 and S-1. 

FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP (Lehighton, PA 18235)
Telephone #: (610) 377-1773
At the present time Franklin Township in Carbon County only permits short-term rentals in the Commercial District, mostly homes along Route 209.

GOULDSBORO, PA 18424 Gouldsboro is a post office designation and a census-designated place, not a municipality.  Municipalities served by the Gouldsboro Post Office Zip Code = 18424 include parts of Coolbaugh Townships in Monroe County, Lehigh Township in Wayne County and parts of Clifton, Thornhurst, and Covington Townships in Lackawanna County.

GREENE TOWNSHIP (including Greentown and Promised Land State Park, Pike County)
Rural Greene Township has no Zoning Ordinance.  There is a proposed STR ordinance for late 2022 which will define rules and regulations – see the Greene Township website for a draft of these Short-term Rental regulations.

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP(Monroe County, including Snydersville, Sciota, Saylorsburg, Cherry Valley)
Short-term rentals are not allowed in Hamilton Township. Any property in a designated “A” zoning area is strictly prohibited from rentals. Use of C-1 zoning (commercial) property for short-term rentals should apply for an approved use as a hotel/motel which requires a variance granted by the zoning board.

HENRYVILLE, PA 18332 is a post office designation, not a municipality. Municipalities served by the Henryville Post Office Zip Code = 18332 include: Paradise Township and Pocono Township

Short-term rentals are allowed in all areas of the Jackson Township, a permit is required.

JIM THORPE BOROUGH (Jim Thorpe, PA 18229)
Telephone #: (570) 325-3025
 The borough of Jim Thorpe’s Short-term Rental ordinance was adopted in 2021.  STR properties have certain requirements, require a permit and rules will be enforced by borough Code Enforcement.   The local newspaper reports of an amendment where existing rentals will be “grandfathered in” and new rentals will be restricted to the C1, C2, C3, R4 and special zoning districts. Owners hoping to open a short-term rental outside of those zones would need to receive a variance.

KIDDER TOWNSHIP (Lake Harmony, PA 18624)
Telephone #: (570) 722-0107
Home to the Big Two, Jack Frost and Big Boulder Ski Resorts.  Short-term rentals are allowed in Kidder Township, a permit is needed.  An annual inspection is also required.  Revisions to Kidder Township’s STR Ordinance have been adopted making it much more expensive for homeowners.

LACKAWAXEN TOWNSHIP (Hawley, Pike Township, PA)
In April 2021, Lackawaxen Township adopted a Short-term Rental Ordinance that provides licenses for properties that includes guidelines on occupancy, parking and the presence of a local manager/contact.

LAKE TOWNSHIP (Lake Ariel, Wayne County)
Lake Township in Wayne County includes much of the popular community called the Hideout and in September 2022 adopted the Lake Township STR Ordinance which requires a township permit, a local contact person, occupancy limits and restrictions similar throughout the Poconos.

LANSFORD BOROUGH (Lansford, PA 18232)
Telephone #: (570) 645-3900
Short-term rentals are allowed in Lansford.  Owners are required to get a Residential Rental License (RRL) and submit to the borough office.  The annual cost of an RRL is $100.00 (billed to the owner every March and due by April 1st each year) and requires an inspection by the borough’s Zoning Officer.   Inspections occur every 2 years.

LAUSANNE TOWNSHIP (Weatherly, PA 18255)
Telephone #: (570) 427-4029
No rules or regulations affecting Short-Term Rentals in Lausanne Township have been published.  

LEHIGH TOWNSHIP (Northampton County)
In 2020, Lehigh Township amended its zoning regulations and now allows for Short-Term Rentals in the Neighborhood Commercial (NC) Zoning District and in the Resort Commercial (RC) Zoning District by special exception.  For details, look at Ordinance 2020-3, the Short-Term Rental regulations for Lehigh Township, Northampton County.  

LEHIGH TOWNSHIP (Carbon County, Weatherly, PA 18255)      
Telephone #: (570) 427-4950
Lehigh Township has an Ordinance that provides a special exception for Bed & Breakfast (3 Units) or a Boarding House (Limit of 4 Persons) in the R-2 Zoning District. For Short-term rentals from a home, there is no ordinance therefore a variance would be needed in all zoning districts. No variances for short-term rental use of a single family home have been issued in Lehigh Township.

LEHIGH TOWNSHIP (Wayne County, Gouldsboro, PA 18424)      
Telephone #: (570) 842-6262
According to local realtors, Lehigh Township in Wayne County is considering regulations to limit STR in their small township.  

LEHIGHTON BOROUGH (Lehighton, PA 18235)
Telephone #: (610) 377-4002
At present, there is no zoning or licensing restrictions to short term rentals in Lehighton borough. There is an active short-term rental market in Lehighton

LEHMAN TOWNSHIP (Bushkill, Pike County)
Zoning regulations have become more restrictive to Short-term rentals in Lehman Township in Pike County, there have been several amendments to the Lehman Township STR Ordinance  and NO NEW LICENSES are being issued.  Properties with existing licenses can continue to operate STR under new owners if the previous owners provide a “Certificate of Non-Conformity” issued from the township (before closing.)  The new owner can then apply to have that license reissued under the new owner’s name.  No new STR licenses are being issued in Lehman Township. 

LONG POND, PA 18334 is a post office designation, not a municipality. Municipalities served by the Long Pond Post Office Zip Code = 18334 include: Tobyhanna Township, Tunkhannock Township

LOWER MOUNT BETHEL TOWNSHIP (Martins Creek, Northampton County, PA>
No information on rules or regulations for Short-term Rentals in Lower Mount Bethel Township, Northampton County has been published.

Telephone #: (610) 826-2522
 Lower Towamensing has adopted a Short Term Rental Ordinance that allows short-term rentals in properties in the R-1 and V-C Zoning Districts.  A an annual license costing over $1,000 is required as is an annual inspection.  Details on Lower Towamensing’s Short Term Rental Regulations.

MAHONING TOWNSHIP (Lehighton, PA 18235)
Telephone #: (570) 386-4002
Short-Term Rentals in single-family residences in Mahoning Township are not allowed at this time.  If an owner wanted to operate a business from their home, they would need a variance.  Due to the possibility of multi-families in a short-term rental, the property would have to be regulated as a boarding house.  According to the local newspaper, Mahoning Towship is considering a Short-Term Rental ordinance.   Latest update is that the issue will be raised in 2022 once a new board of supervisors is seated.

MARSHALLS CREEK, PA  18335 Marshalls Creek is a post office designation, not a municipality.  Much of Smithfield Township in Monroe County is served by the Marshalls Creek Post Office, Zip Code = 18335.

Short-term rentals in Middle Smithfield Township require a permit and have occupancy restrictions. STR is popular in the township due to the proximity to Shawnee Ski Resort, the Delaware Water Gap and Bushkill Falls

MOORE TOWNSHIP (Northampton County)  Phone# 610-759-9449
No information on rules or regulations for Short-term Rentals in Moore Township, Northampton County is published.  There have been discussions about zoning changes to allow STR in village center district and industrial district as permitted uses, ordinance to then follow.

Short-term rentals are only allowed in R-2, C-1 and C-2 zoning districts, not in R-1 zoning.  If the home is in R-2, it must also be on a lot that is 0.5 acres or larger.  We hear that zoning ordinances are being strictly enforced.

MOUNTAINHOME, PA  18342 is a census-designated place in Barrett Township.  

NESQUEHONING BOROUGH (Nesquehoning, PA 18240)
Telephone #: (570) 669-9588
Short-term rentals require a special exception permit which can only be approved after review by the Borough Planning Commission. A special exception would then be granted by the Zoning Hearing board

Short-term rentals are not allowed in SR Zoning areas in North Whitehall Township. Short-term rentals of shorter than 14 days could possibly operate in CR Zoning with a special exception. An ordinance exists for inns, operating in buildings built before 1940, otherwise a variance for zoning will be needed.

PACKER TOWNSHIP (Weatherly, PA 18255)
Telephone #: (570) 427-8969
A Public Hearing on the issue of zoning regulations for Short-Term Rentals in Packer Township was held and a wide ranging update to the Packer Township Zoning Ordinance meaning that regulations may be forthcoming.

PALMERTON BOROUGH (Palmerton, PA 18071)
Telephone #: (610) 826-2505
Short-term rentals in Palmerton are not included in the existing zoning regulations.  Legal operation of a STR would require a special use exception from the Borough for a variance from the existing property zoning use.

PALMYRA TOWNSHIP (Pike County, borders Lake Wallenpaupack)
Short-term rentals in Palmyra Township require a permit, inspections and a local contact person.  The majority of Palmyra Township’s northwestern border is Lake Wallenpaupack.

  Just to the west of Palmyra Township in Pike County is Palmyra Township in Wayne County, a separate municipality.  No ordinances have been passed regarding Short-term Rental in Palmyra Township Wayne County.

PARADISE TOWNSHIP (Monroe County, including Henryville, Mt. Airy Resort & Casino)
 Short-term rentals in Paradise Township require a permit.  An inspection is required, occupancy limited to 2 persons per bedroom and sufficient parking off-street must be provided.  In early 2022 the township adopted a zoning district requirements, which will allow STR only in the Business Districts (B-1 and B-2) also known as Resort Development Districts. 

PARRYVILLE BOROUGH (Parryville, PA 18244)
Telephone #: (610) 852-380
No rules or regulations affecting Short-Term Rentals in Parryville Borough have been published.

Telephone #: (570) 325-2768
 Penn Forest Township recently enacted a Short Term Rental ordinance applicable to all zoning districts that requires a license ($250) per year and a one time zoning variance application.  As of December 2021, the Township reported 150 licenses issued and many more in processing.  These are mostly in vacation communities like Towamensing Trails, Mt. Pocahontas, Indian Mountain Lake, and Hickory Run Forest. These communities and their HOA’s may have additional STR registration requirements and regulations.  A STR operator has published a video walking through the Steps to Apply for a STR License in Penn Forest Township.

Telephone #:570 443-8017
The Penn Lake Park short-term rental ordinance was adopted in 2020 allowing homes in Penn Lake Park Borough to operate as a STR.
A license is required. Penn Lake Park is a community formed to support Penn Lake Park and has approximately 300 full-time residents. It is not a HOA.

PLAINFIELD TOWNSHIP (Bath, Northampton County, PA)  phone# (610) 759-6944
No information on rules or regulations for Short-term Rentals in Plainfield Township, Northampton County has been published.

POCONO LAKE, PA, 18347 is a post office designation, not a municipality. Municipalities served by the Pocono Lake Post Office Zip Code = 18347 include: Tobyhanna Township, Coolbaugh Township

POCONO SUMMIT, PA, 18346 is a post office designation, not a municipality. Municipalities served by the Pocono Summit Post Office Zip Code = 18346 include: Tobyhanna Township, Tunkhannock Township and Coolbaugh Township

POCONO PINES, PA, 18350 is a post office designation and a census-designated place, not a municipality. The area includes Lake Naomi and Pinecrest Lake. Municipalities served by the Pocono Pines Post Office Zip Code = 18350 include: Coolbaugh Township and Tobyhanna Township

POCONO TOWNSHIP (Monroe County, including Tannersville, Swiftwater, Scotrun)
 Short-term rentals or Transient Dwelling Units as they are referred to as in Pocono Township are not allowed in R-1 and R-2 zoning areas in Pocono Township. Short term rentals are only allowed in C (Commercial) zones and RD (Recreational District) zones. An initial change of use permit under zoning and an annual license is required for a Transient Dwelling Unit Permit

POLK TOWNSHIP (Monroe County, including Broadheadsville, Kresgeville)
 Short-term rentals in Polk Township are only allowed on properties bigger than 1 acre, require a permit and there are additional restrictions on the property.   Polk Township has a stand-alone Short-term Rental Ordinance, not a zoning regulation.  See Polk Township’s STR Ordinance.

PRICE TOWNSHIP (Monroe County)  (570) 421-2497
Price Township does not currently have restrictions concerning any type of short term rentals.

ROSS TOWNSHIP (Broadheadsville, Saylorsburg, Monroe County)
 Ross enacted a short-term rental ordinance in July, 2020 which allows vacation rental in properties located in general commercial and village commercial zoning, but does not allow them in residential zoned areas.

SALEM TOWNSHIP (Hamlin, Wayne County)
Salem Township in Wayne County lies just west of popular Lake Wallenpaupack and in starting in January 2023 will be implementing the Salem Township STR Ordinance which requires a township permit, a local contact person, occupancy limits and restrictions similar throughout the Poconos.

SAYLORSBURG, PA, 18353 is a post office designation and a census-designated place, not a municipality.  Municipalities served by the Saylorsburg Post Office Zip Code = 18353 include: Hamilton Township and Ross Township.

SCOTRUN, PA 18355 is a post office designation, not a municipality.  The Scotrun Post Office/Zip code 18355 covers mostly Pocono Township.

SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP (Monroe County including Shawnee, Marshall’s Creek)
Short-term rentals in Smithfield Township are only allowed in areas zoned as resort (R-E) Zoning District which is essentially Shawnee Mountain Ski Resort and an undeveloped parcel adjacent to Marshall Lake.  See the Smithfield Township Zoning Map

STROUD TOWNSHIP (Monroe County, including Bartonsville, Analomink)
STR is permitted only in the C-3 Zoning District of Stroud Township, with exceptions made for the Penn Estates and Blue Mountain Lakes communities  Short-term rental permits in Stroud Township require inspections and properties must meet certain guidelines.  

The borough of Stroudsburg has implemented a new Short-term Rental Ordinance and refined zoning regulations to prohibit short term rentals in residential districts (R-1, R-2 and R-3) and allow it in all other zoning districts.  A license and annual inspection is required, detail under Housing

STROUDSBURG ZIP CODE also cover a number of neighbor townships:
18360 = Borough of Stroudburg, Hamilton Township, Jackson Township, Stroud Township

SUMMIT HILL BOROUGH (Summit Hill, PA 18250)
Telephone #: (570) 645-2305
No rules or regulations affecting Short-Term Rentals in Summit Hill Borough have been published.

TAMAQUA BOROUGH (Schuylkill County)
Tamaqua has no ordinance specific to Short-term Rentals, they consider a whole house rental under the borough’s current rental regulations. One day or one year, same rules. All homes being rented in Tamaqua must be registered and be inspected.

TANNERSVILLE, PA 18372 is a post office designation, not a municipality. Municipalities served by the Tannersville Post Office Zip Code = 18372 include: Jackson Township, Pocono Township

Located just north of Arrowhead Lake, in the southern-most part of the Lackawanna County, Thornhurst Township adopted a Short-term Rental Ordinance in 2020.  A license and annual inspection are required.  Regulations require a local representative be available, parking on-property and limits of 2 people per bedroom and additional occupancy requirements.  

TOBYHANNA TOWNSHIP(Monroe County, including Pocono Pines, Pocono Lake, Blakeslee)
Tobyhanna Township has approved a short-term rental ordinance in 2022. It affects what is estimated to be 800 STRs that had been operating in the township. Read Tobyhanna Township’s Short-Term Rental Ordinance for more details. The process of inspections and issuing licenses is under way and STR operators should have their applications into the township ASAP. Details on Tobyhanna Township’s STR portal.

Telephone #: (610) 681-4202
A Short-term Rental Ordinance was adopted by Towamensing Township late in 2020.  It provides a long list of rules and regulations that the owner and any of their guest must abide by.  A license is required, properties are subject to inspection by Code Enforcement.  The requirements include an indoor sprinkler system for fire safety.

TUNKHANNOCK TOWNSHIP (Monroe County including Long Pond, Pocono International Raceway)
Short-term rentals in Tunkhannock Township require permit, inspections and there are certain restrictions on the property

UPPER MOUNT BETHEL TOWNSHIP (Northampton County)  phone# 570-897-6127
No information on rules or regulations for Short-term Rentals in Upper Mount Bethel Township, Northampton County.

Washington Township is largely silent on the issue.  Zoning regulations date back to 1974 and have no designation for short-term rentals.  Washington Township has no licensing for residential rental properties and at the present time, no motivation to change things.

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP (Bangor, Northampton County, PA)  Zoning Offie 610-759-8227
No information on rules or regulations for Short-term Rentals in Washington Township, Northampton County has been published.

WEATHERLY BOROUGH (Weatherly, PA 18255)
Telephone #: (570) 427-8640
No information about Short-Term Rentals in Weatherly Borough is available at this time.

WEISSPORT BOROUGH (Lehighton, PA 18235)
Telephone #: (610) 377-5606
No rules or regulations affecting Short-Term Rentals in Weissport Borough have been published.  The borough council has stated they are drafting a short-term rental ordinance for Weissport

WEST PENN TOWNSHIP (Schuylkill County)
No information on rules or regulations for Short-term Rentals in West Penn Township, Schuylkill County has been published.

This is an informal list that is subject to change as local ordinances and codes frequently change.  Anyone interested in using a home as a rental property should always check with the local municipality to see if local zoning allows this use or if permits are required.  

Feel free to email me me with any updates to this page

See my list of Short-term Rental Friendly Pocono Communities.

If you are interested in buying or selling a home that you can use as an investment, feel free to contact me: Mark Shay, Realtor or Mark Shay at Keller Williams

If you are wondering why municipalities in Pennsylvania can regulate Short-Term Rentals, you can refer to the 2019 court case called “Slice of Life, LLC v. Hamilton Township Zoning Hearing Board” in which the Pennsylvania Supreme Court upheld the ruling that a local zoning ordinance clearly and unambiguously excluded purely transient uses of property.

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